Engine ticking is a sound that you get from the BMW engine, particularly when the car is at idle or when you are accelerating. This sound can range from a minor clicking sound to a louder ticking sound. It is usually described to be similar to the sound that is produced by a sewing machine.

This ticking noise can be somewhat alarming, but knowing why it occurs and when you should be concerned is crucial. Below is a guide to how you can handle BMW engine ticking issues.

What Causes Engine Ticking in BMWs?

  • Faulty Lifters: Valves are used in the engine and lifters assist in opening and closing of the valves. If they get damaged or become old they can produce a ticking sound. Lifters depend on the oil pressure to function effectively and when there is a slight variation, then you will hear this irritating noise.
  • Fuel Injectors: Your BMW fuel injectors can also cause a ticking sound. The injector usually gives a sound when it is running as it strives to inject fuel into the engine’s cylinders. However, if the ticking noise increases beyond the normal levels, it may be an indication of a problem such as the build-up of dirt or a faulty mechanism influencing the injectors.
  • Exhaust Leaks: An exhaust leak can cause a ticking sound especially when the engine is cold. This noise is usually because of a crack or hole in the exhaust manifold or because of a leak at the manifold gasket. The sound could decrease as the metal part warms up but that is not a solution to the problem because the leak has to be fixed.
  • Timing Chain Issues: Timing chain ensures that the valves and pistons of the engine are always moving in harmony. The chain might become loose or worn and cause a ticking sound.

Tips for Repairing Engine Ticking Problems

  • Top Off or Change the Oil: If the ticking noise is because of low oil then pouring oil to the right level can help to solve the problem. You should also make sure that the oil is changed if needed. Selecting the appropriate oil for your BMW is significant in the proper working of the engine and its durability. The type of oil to use and the time to change it depends on the vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Replace Hydraulic Lifters: In a case where worn or clogged lifters are the cause of the ticking noise, then the hydraulic lifters will have to be replaced. Hydraulic lifters are very important in ensuring that there is adequate clearance between the valves and the camshaft. If they fail, a noticeable ticking sound is produced by the vehicle’s engine. Replacing hydraulic lifters is often a complicated procedure that requires the dismantling of some of the engine components; so, it is always advisable to consult a professional mechanic to have the work done.
  • Repair or Replace the Timing Chain: If the timing chain is slippery or slack, then it may need to be adjusted or replaced. This is a major repair job that usually needs an auto mechanic.
  • Fix Exhaust Leaks: If you have diagnosed your BMW with an exhaust leak, then you can fix the exhaust manifold gasket or the manifold to eliminate the ticking sound. It has the potential to enhance the performance and efficiency of the engine as well as the overall performance of the vehicle.
  • Clean or Replace Fuel Injectors: If the sound being produced is from the fuel injectors, then it means it might be dirty and will require a cleaning or a replacement. Deposits in injectors can be removed with special injector cleaning fluids or by taking them to a reputable service provider.

BMW Timing Chain Repair

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