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Now Servicing Tesla Vehicles with Our High Standard of Service

In recent years Tesla vehicles have become much more popular with drivers, with more and more appearing on the roads seemingly every day. Part of what has made them so popular with drivers is saving on gasoline costs & services associated with having a normal gas-engine car. But sticking with your Tesla’s service program and keeping up with maintenance is essential to keeping your car economical and cost-efficient. JCL Automotive is very happy to be accepting Tesla vehicles for services & repairs, providing drivers throughout the Hellertown area with a reliable, high-quality repair shop they can trust.

Keeping Your Tesla Properly Service Has Never Been Easier

At JCL Automotive we pride ourselves on providing you & your car with the highest-quality service possible. When it comes to your Tesla, we use the latest factory-grade tools & equipment to handle essential services including:

Complete Service Inspections

Annual Maintenance Appointments

Annual Maintenance Appointments

Tire Rotations & Installations

Tire Rotations & Installations

Wheel Alignment

Accessory Services


Diagnostics (Coming Soon!)

We believe that quality should always come first and will always work with you to make sure that your Tesla receives the high-quality service it needs.

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Located in Hellertown, JCL Automotive is proud to also be the go-to shop for drivers all throughout surrounding cities including:

Owning a Tesla should be fun & exciting, not stressful. Please call or visit our shop today and let our friendly technicians help you get better service for your car.

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