Do You Have Worn Brake Pads?

Here’s How to Tell When It’s Time for Brake Repair

The brakes are one of the most vital components of your vehicle. For both your safety and the safety of others on the road around you, you need to pursue brake repair services as soon as you notice something is wrong. As a general rule of thumb, you want to replace your brake pads once every 50,000 miles, but you need to be aware of other warning signs your pads are on their last legs. Keep reading to learn tips for recognizing brake problems from the pros at JCL Automotive in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

When you press down on the brake pedal, it should feel smooth. It should go down without an issue. When the foot pedal begins to vibrate or feels unsteady, it’s a sign your brakes have lost too much padding. To avoid further damage to your car, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic and get it back up-and-running properly.

Squealing or Squeaking Sounds

You should not hear any noises coming from your brakes when you press down. The only exception is if it is raining outside, then you may notice squeaking sounds. In any other circumstances, those sounds are a sign your brakes are wearing down. You need to have your brakes evaluated by a professional.

Illuminated Indicator Light

You need to take notice when the indicator light turns on in your car. In certain models, this is a sign the brake pads are too worn out. No matter what, the light illuminating is a sign you need to take your vehicle to an expert. A mechanic will make a recommendation on how you need to proceed to drive safely around town.

When your BMW’s brakes start to wear out, you need to take your vehicle to the professionals at JCL Automotive. You can find us in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, near Grist Mill Park. Make sure to reach out to us ahead of time to schedule your next appointment. Afterward, you can be confident your car is as safe as it can be.

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