Of late, have you been battling a stalling issue when driving your BMW??? From a carbon fouled spark plug to a clogged fuel injector; there are all sorts of reasons why your engine may behave this way. High pressure fuel pump (HPFP) failure is one possibility. Yup, you read that right… a glitch in your BMW’s HPFP may contribute to repeated stalling. Some of the other common complications that you might have to deal with if your vehicle’s HPFP gives up have been discussed below.

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Malfunction: Discussing Complications

Being a key component of your BMW’s fuel system, HPFP is entrusted with a very simple task… which is to deliver pressurized fuel (2,200 to 3,000 PSI) to the injectors. It is because of this part that your BMW engine operates with such a high efficiency. Should this device give up, you will encounter all sorts of drivability problems.

#1- No-start issue

Reviving your BMW engine won’t be an easy task if there is something off with its HPFP. Fuel, air, and electric sparks: these are three ingredients that an internal combustion engine need to start the combustion process so that mechanical torque can be produced. If the HPFP is defective, the engine won’t get enough fuel to initiate the ignition process.

#2- Engine misfire

This is yet another major issue that you might have to deal with because of a defective HPFP. Engine misfire can be defined as a condition when one of the cylinders doesn’t fire the way it is supposed to. Some of the hurdles that may contribute to engine misfire in a BMW include a worn spark plug, a damaged fuel injector, a malfunction in the air-intake system, and yes… a defective HPFP.

#3- Sudden power loss while driving

Off late, has your BMW been struggling to run at a steady speed??? If so, there is a good chance that its HPFP has given up. HPFP is the reason why your car engine gets all the fuel it need to provide you with the requisite torque. If the engine doesn’t receive the necessary amount of fuel because of a defective HPFP or any other reason, your BMW will have a hard time operating at a steady speed.

#4- Increased fuel consumption

Are you getting poor gas mileage? As strange as it may seem, a defective HPFP may prompt your BMW to burn fuel at an alarming rate. The issue will only get worse over time. So, if you don’t want this unexpected drop in your BMW’s gas mileage, ensure the upkeep of its fuel pump.

Leading Causes Of High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure In BMW Cars

#1- Mechanical damage

The HPFP your BMW comes fitted with is a very complicated device made up of many different parts including a pressure spring, pressure control valve, coil body, oil seal, mounting flange, roller tappet, etc… If for some reason the pressure control valve acts up or the pressure spring gets damaged, the HPFP’s ability to provide pressurized fuel to the injectors will drastically reduce.

#2- Contaminants

This is yet another leading reason behind HPFP failure in BMW cars. Being a mechanical device made of numerous metallic parts of different shapes and sizes, HPFP can malfunction if gets exposed to contaminants. Fortunately, there are many different things that you can do to safeguard your vehicle’s HPFP against foreign elements.

#3- Lack of lubrication

Not using the right type of lubricant, as recommended by the manufacturer, can also result in premature HPFP failure in a BMW car. It is therefore important that you check on your vehicle’s lubricants from time to time and make sure that the engine and other important parts of your BMW never run low on lubricant.

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Check

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